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Rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, CRS Education provides a deeper look into the lives of our brothers and sisters around the world. Our stories foster an understanding of their challenges, while our prayers and programs provide the opportunity to reflect and take action. It’s everything you need to create lasting change and a new generation of global citizens.

For Your School.  Catholic Relief Services (CRS) recognizes the vital role Catholic schools play in the Church’s mission of evangelization and catechesis in the United States. Through the vehicles of prayer, learning, action and giving, CRS Education’s programs and resources are created to enhance Catholic identity through the promotion of Catholic social teaching. By placing the resources of CRS at Catholic schools’ disposal, we strive to assist schools in forming internationally aware and globally responsive students who live their faith in solidarity with their brothers and sisters around the world.

For Your Family.   The family is the great blessing, the great gift of this “God with us”, who did not want to abandon us to the solitude of a life without others, without challenges, without a home. – Pope Francis

For Your Parish.  CRS Education equips parishes to help children and youth encounter their world by providing a personal glimpse into the lives of our global brother and sisters along with opportunities for reflection and analysis. Grounded in Catholic social teaching, CRS’ parish learning activities, prayers, programs and other resources engage children, youth and families on global issues, social justice and solidarity.

All CRS Resources.  This contains a lot of ways to get involved.

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