The Season of Hope: Homily for Monday, December 4, 2017
Daily Homilies

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Readings for Today

Looking around the world can cause a loss of hope.  We can despair.  There seems to be new threats of war daily. There is crime.  There are people who are in desperate situations. There are people who do not want to help those in need. We seem so angry at each other. The state of things in Washington with politicians seems worse than ever. How is it we can keep faith in such dark times?

Today’s readings remind us that Christians must live with hope. Regardless of how dark things may seem to be, God’s promise is greater. The Light of the World is stronger than any darkness.  The first reading describes a great promise of hope.  And God keeps his promises.  The gospel demonstrates the faith of an “outsider”. But his faith brings healing.  How can our witness to hope Jesus gives bring light to a dark world?

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