Seeking the presence of God: Homily for Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Daily Homilies

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Readings for Today

Yesterday we discussed a world that seems filled with darkness.  We thought about despair, and how easy it is to lose hope. But ultimately we tried to remember that God keeps his promises. Today’s readings remind us of the need to be attentive.  God is active and alive. This activity is not only in the world,  but also in our soul. God is active in our hearts, in our souls, in our lives. And the images from Isaiah remind us that God’s presence is miraculous indeed.

Do you seek to find how God has been present in your life? Do you search your heart and soul to discover the spirit-filled presence of God? The list of wonderful, unbelievable things that God does in Isaiah, the promise of God’s greatness is impressive.  But so too is the list of things God longs to do in your life. Advent is a time of seeking to find the God that longs to do this for you. And when you discover that, and when God keeps his promise, be sure to give God thanks and praise.

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