Tuesday of the 2nd Week of Advent: You are the Lost Sheep (December 6, 2016)

I have always thought it a little strange that Jesus tells a story commending the shepherd who leaves 99% of his investment. Why is it the one sheep is so important?  Would it not be more prudent to “cut your losses”? The point is not about business.  Rather, it is about faith.  It is about relationship.  It is about love.  Love is not always practical, reasonable or logical.  But most important in this passage is that the 99 do not need to be found, because they are in a good relationship.  They are already “found” by the shepherd.  It is the one lost sheep that needs to be found.  And so the shepherd searches.

Of course, the point is that we are the lost sheep.  We are the one that is lost.  Jesus leaves those who are in relationship to find us.  We need to be saved.  We are the sinners.  We are the ones who have gone astray.  When Jesus finds us, we hear the comfort that only a relationship with Jesus can provide.  It is the comfort that Isaiah speaks in the first reading.  The great promise will be fulfilled.  And we will be found.

Readings for today