Homily for Thursday, December 18, 2014

Readings for Today

O Sacred Lord. Today we are invited to consider God. Of course, we can never fully understand God. But at the same time, because of the power of God’s love, we are constantly invited to enter ever more deeply into our relationship with God. While we can only understand a little about God, we are constantly invited to enter ever more slowly into the mystery in God. Despite the transcendence of God, it is clear that God desires intimacy with each of us.

We learn this from the earliest chapters of the bible, when in the book of Genesis walks with the man in the garden. We see it again and again as the great stories reveal a little more to us about God. Nothing is more intimate about our God than the revelation of his name. The title of God we acknowledge today helps us as well to know a little something about God. He is Lord.

And when we speak the truth that Jesus is Lord, we can only do so in the Spirit. This is what Saint Paul tells us. And this is a truth that God chooses to reveal to us. We can really only know God to the degree that God chooses to reveal himself. And the good news is that God has chosen to do so. Because of the great love God has for us, he desires for us to know him. God wants a relationship with us. God wants to be close to us, to draw us into the deep relationship that saves us from our sins.

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