Rescuing refugees in Greece – A testimony of human dignity

Lay Dominican Anna Marija Edith Foss of the Fraternity in Oslo, Norway, has participated extensively in voluntary rescue work for refugees in Lesbos, Athens and Kos in Greece. In December 2015 she was joined by Br Haavard Simon Nilsen OP.  Here are some of their own pictures with comments by Anna Marija on the rescue work at Lesbos, during 21th December 2015 – 4th January 2016.Rubber boats made for at most 25-40 people. However, usually 60-80 refugees are cramped in the same boat. The trip from Turkey to Lesbos takes approximately four hours. The fare costs from 700 to 1200 euros per person, regardless of age.

Refugees are coming out of the rubber boats. Children are usually seated in the middle of the boat. The moods of the refugees are in all extremes, from smiles to boundless despair.
A little boy, about eight years old, looks at the ocean, for a long time. His eyes are full of emptiness. His father tells us that the boy’s mother drowned somewhere between Turkey and Lesbos …

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How to help Nepal

From the Catholic News Service Blog:

The death toll from the earthquake in Nepal is rising, and Catholic aid agencies are among those helping its victims. Pope Francis offered prayers and encouraged the rescue workers.

Want to do more? Where do you live? Contact your favorite Catholic aid agency to channel your funds, using the following links: Catholic Relief Services; CAFOD; Troicaire; Development and Peace; Caritas Australia; or the central office for Caritas in Rome.

Prefer to donate to someone smaller? Try religious orders, like the Salesian Missions, who have missionaries in the country.