Some Red Sox Challenges

It certainly has not started out for the Red Sox the way fans have hoped.  What is to be made of this challenging start.  Below there are some observations to this point in the year.

Pitching.  This season has started off as the tale of two sets of pitchers.  The starting pitching has been quite shaky.  There have been some very good performances, but there have also been some very disappointing performances.  In general, the Red Sox have started too many games, especially of late, by getting into big holes as far as the score.

  • The Red Sox spotted Texas 8 runs on April 8.
  • The Red Sox gave Baltimore 4 runs on April 18.
  • The Red Sox trailed Baltimore by 5 runs on Sunday, April 19, though they did eventually win the game.
  • The Red Sox trailed Baltimore by 6 runs on Monday April 20.
  • And last night, the Red Sox trailed the Yankees by 4 runs, and lost 9-3.

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