Homily for Friday, November 14, 2014

Readings for Today

Are you ready? You may have noticed that the readings are taking a different tone these days. The gospels have become a little more dramatic. They are taking on an air of urgency. There are warnings all around us and we run the risk that we could miss them, since dire warnings were missed in the past.

The examples of Noah and Lot are mentioned. In both cases, there was the righteous person who was saved in the midst of disasterous consequences. Noah and his family are saved when the earth floods. Lot is saved becuase he does not proceed half-heartedly in following the Lord, but never looks back. Each was saved because their lives were examples of the type of witness that comes from following God, especially when to do so is not always easy.

We never know when we will encounter God. We do know that God is all around us, but we are never sure when that life-changing moment could happen.

We certainly know that life can change in a heartbeat. Life is fine one minute; then an event occurs where things simply cannot be the same ever again. It might be a car accident that takes the life of someone we love. It might be receiving a diagnosis of a terminal illness. It could be something quite positive like the day of a wedding, or ordination to priesthood.

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