Homily for Saturday, May 31, 2014

Readings for Today

Do you ever talk about your faith with someone else?  Have you ever had faith experiences that are so powerful you need to discuss them with another to make sense of them?  Some may have these types of conversations with their spouse, while others may seek out a spiritual director.  But, there are those events, either powerfully sad or powerfully joyful that just must be shared with with someone else.

Such is the reality we celebrate today.  Mary, who has just had this miraculous appearance from an angel, and has said yes to something she may not completely understood, seeks out the one person who has herself just had a miraculous occurrence, that being her relative Elizabeth.  Can you imagine what their conversations must have been like?  There is the infant, John the Baptist, leaping in her womb when Mary greets her.  Just imagine the joy the two shared in their conversations with each other.

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