Homily for Friday, May 1, 2015

Readings for Today

These have been some troubling days. There was the absolutely devastating earthquake in Nepal and the riots in Baltimore. There was news of Iran had seized a cargo ship. These on top of many other things too numerous to mention here. Even a short thought about the news could lead someone to lose hope, to experience despair. Our own personal lives can also lead to question whether or not there is a God. Illness, unemployment, broken relationships, and other sad events can equally cause us to wonder about life.

To celebrate the Easter season is to remember that because of the actions of Jesus we are held out a promise that is filled with hope. As bad as things may appear (and they can appear bad), they are never as bad as the victory Jesus won for us. If there is a challenge, it is the challenge to remember this.

Do not let your hearts be troubled. This can be, at times, easier said than done. But the one who tells us this is trustworthy. The one who invites us to do this is dependable. We can trust Jesus because he has paid the price for us. We can trust Jesus because we have witnessed his powerful love in word and deed.

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