Our Father: Homily for Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Readings for Today

How many times does a person pray the “Our Father” in a day, or in a lifetime? Often, really. But how often does a person really think about the words of the prayer?  There is so much richness in such a simple prayer. First, there is the acknowledgement that the prayer is one of community.  It is the “Our” Father, not the “My” Father.  It reminds us that in all prayer there should be an element of praise and thanksgiving.  There is the dependence upon God for everything.  There is the need to forgive.  There is the need we all have to be forgiven by God, and the connection between the two.

This prayer is a model for all prayer.  The basic outline of this prayer reminds us what it takes to pray.  The simplicity of the prayer invites us to reflection.  We are invited by God to contemplate the meaning of such a simple yet powerful prayer.  Most of all, this prayer brings us into the loving relationship with the Father.  While a short homily cannot exhaust the richness of this prayer, it does call us to think about our relationship with God and the loving embrace to which we are all called.

Homily for Saturday, June 21, 2014

Readings for Today

Do not worry.  While it is easy to tell someone not to worry, the fact that Jesus needs to address this in today’s gospel, in concrete and specific ways, means that is not so easy to avoid worry and anxiety in our lives.  Unlike yesterday, where the concern seemed to be as much about those possessions that are not needed for survival, today’s concerns are practical and concrete. Today’s concerns are necessary. We need clothing, shelter, food.

And so it seems quite natural that people would be concerned about such things. Careful attention needs to be paid to what it is that Jesus is saying in today’s gospel. He certainly is not suggesting that we should not be concerned about those things that keep us alive. In fact, again and again in the Bible, we hear about the importance of caring for these basic needs when they are wanting either in our lives or in the lives of others.

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