Law: Homily for Sunday, February 19, 2017

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Readings for Today

Law.  If I were going to make a recommendation for someone who wanted to read the Bible, I don’t know that my first choice is a book to look at would be the book of Leviticus. That is because, most of the book of Leviticus is a book of laws. And while there may be some lawyers who really love reading the annotated laws of their particular state, most of us do not find such legal reading as being terribly engaging. But then there are sections, like the one we see today in Leviticus, that are particularly interesting to examine.

Law is an important topic for us to explore as human beings. That is because it has so many applications. There are different kinds of laws, and we use these different kinds of laws often times in a sloppy or messy way. States have laws. The church has laws. God has laws. We talk about laying down the law.  We explore in families this question of law. Some people even refer to the fact that they make the law. But I think today’s readings help us on this particular Sunday, to explore a little bit more completely this question of law and how it relates to our spiritual life.

In the book of Leviticus we read, Be holy, for I, the Lord, your God, am holy. That is a very good summary of the purpose of all law, regardless of who proposes it.  You see the purpose of law, is to be holy. This is not to say that all law is divine. In some ways quite the opposite. Following the speed limit makes for good law. Because when we don’t harm others, we are more likely to be holy. The ultimate law, is that law which articulates a way of life that brings us closer to God and manifests the holiness of God. So now you know what you need to do.