Homily for Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Readings for Today

As if we did not get it yesterday, today again we are reminded about love. But we are given today a very, very important qualifier to love. What is primary is not that we love, but rather that God loves. We can love because God loves. It was the love of God that created. It was God who first loved us, even before we were born. Everything is about God’s love.

There can be a temptation to think that everything depends upon us. We can see that we are the ones who make God real. We can easily get things backwards. We can think that we, as intelligent human beings, are the source of all love. We can think that our faith is not about believing in God, but only about doing things. We can reduce our faith only to action. This can keep us from growing in faith.

See, faith is first and foremost about placing ourselves in the presence of God. It is in seeking out silence so that we can first hear the voice of God. It is only when we realize that all we have is because God created it in His love, that we are able to enter into the relationship God wants with us even more deeply. God initiates the call to relationship; we respond to the call.

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