Homily for Friday, July 18, 2014

Readings for Today

Put your house in order.  Usually when we are told to put our house in order, it is not good news.  Something significant is about to come to an end.  Such is the case with Hezekiah in the first reading.  He is learning that he will die.  And his reaction is understandable.  He throws himself into prayer.  He is distraught, and reminds God of the powerful relationship God has made with him.

If we were told to get our house in order, what would we focus on?  For Hezekiah, it is his relationship with God.  He reminds God of all that has happened.  He reminds God of the many ways in which the grace of God has enable Hezekiah to do great things in the name of the Lord.  I am not sure that I could be as gracious at such a time.  I might be begging for healing, or wondering who I would leave my stuff too, or I might even be angry at God that such things were happening to me.  Some might even panic, wondering for the first time about their destiny.

How is it there can be two such different reactions, panic and grace?  Is it not because of God’s grace that Hezekiah is able to turn immediately to prayer?  Is it not because of the many things Hezekiah has done, his habit of considering God that has made such a difference?  After all, unlike his father Ahaz, who gave himself over to everything that was not of God, Hezekiah worked to make God a priority not only for himself personally, but also for the people he served as their king.

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