Homily for Holy Thursday, April 2, 2015

Readings for Today

The Body of Christ. Tonight provides us the powerful celebration that helps us to focus upon the beauty of the Body of Christ as presented to us in the Scriptures. The Body of Christ. It is the Eucharist. It is the people of God. Tonight’s readings put before us both profound truths. At the center of Catholic worship is the Eucharist. This is because it is true that the center of Catholic worship is Christ. It can be no other way.

The gospel reminds us though, that there is an essential relationship between the Eucharist, body and blood, soul and divinity of Christ, the the indwelling Christ in each person. When a person hungers, Christ hungers. When a person thirsts, Christ thirsts. When someone is in prison or in hospital, then Christ is there too. It matters that we make the connection between what we do here, or more specifically, what Christ does here, and what we do in worshiping Christ both here and in the world. Our lives become the constant attempt to take what Jesus does for us here and to live it out there.

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