Homily for Monday, September 8, 2014

Readings for Today

Even though today we celebrate the birthday of Mary, the Blessed Virgin, it should come as no surprise that all the readings have to do with the arrival and birth of Jesus, her son. This is because Mary was always focused on the doing the will of God. Always.

All of today’s readings remind us that Mary’s “yes” to God was her participation in the long plan for God. God used the openness and generosity of the Blessed Mother to bring about our salvation. God becomes flesh thanks to the affirmation by Mary that. She will do the will of God.

Anyone who is concerned with doing the will of God becomes delighted when others do the will of God. It brings joy since doing the will of God makes the whole world more beautiful. And so Mary is very delighted when anyone grows closer to Jesus and follows him more completely.

And so just like Mary, we too have a place in salvation history. And just as people might ask us to pray for one need or another, Mary, Our Lady, stands ready to pray for us. She takes great joy when we ask her to bring us to her son. For Mary is not the object of worship. Mary is not God. No, Mary is the first disciple of her son and his mother.

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