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How To Connect Your School With The Community One Picture At A Time

By Adam Holman

My timing has never been the best; I first heard of teachers maintaining a “180 Blog” after I left the classroom to begin my administrative journey. But the allure of a blog where you upload one picture a day from your classroom was too strong, and thus myAdmin180 blog was born in the summer of 2013. I was so excited “to be a “blogger” that I actually started posting more than two weeks before the school year started, using negative numbers to describe the days leading up to Day 1.

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20 Things Strong Leaders Do: Challenge Yourself To Do Something New

By Tisha Shipley

As teacher professionals, we are all leaders in some capacity. It is important as leaders that we show others how to be their best selves. We need to model for others and support choices and decisions. We must also build reciprocal relationships with the faculty, staff, and families we work with. I have been in several leadership positions, from cheer sponsor to principal to director of a program at the university level to coordinator of an early childhood program to, most recently, chair of an early childhood program. Being a leader usually consists of more stressful situations, a larger workload, and guiding others that look to you as someone that has a little power in decision making. Whether these are all true or not, you have the ability to be a leader that influences others in a positive and supportive way. These are things I have learned over the last 15 years of being a leader and being lead.

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