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Is Jake Peavy the only move Sox will make?

Now that we know Jake Peavy is off to the San Francisco Giants, as we enter the last few days before the trading deadline, I ask, is Peavy the only move the Red Sox will make?  It has become painfully obvious this season will not turn out the way we all hoped.  No World Series win.  No American League Title.  No playoff appearance.  The Red Sox are simply not very good this year, and the sooner they work to build for a better 2015 the better.  There.  I said it.

With that in mind, what other moves might the Sox make?  Here’s my unscientific observations about who should and should not be moving from the Sox roster at the trade deadline.


Will Middlebrooks.  It is time to admit that Middlebrooks is not really going to find a place in the Red Sox roster.  While he shows promise in Pawtucket, it does not seem to easily translate to Fenway.  Moreover, there is a plethora of talent on the left side of the infield.  Time to move him and see what they can get.

Craig Breslow.  Last year, Breslow was awesome.  Not so this year.  At 33, this could be a good time to move him.  While his stats have not been impressive (walks have been a big problem), he is a left handed pitcher who could be in demand.

Andrew Miller.  He is on this list not so much because he should be traded, but as a free agent after this season, now is the time to get something should he sign elsewhere.

Jon Lester.  It may seem odd that he would be on the “moving” list, but the Sox have so bungled his contract negotiations, it is now quite possible he will not re-sign with the Red Sox next year.  Plus, there are the recent statements he made about re-signing with the Red Sox even if he is traded.

Johnny Gomes.  Like Miller and Lester, Gomes is a free agent at the end of the season.  He has not been able to duplicate last year’s performance, and there is interest in him from the Kansas City Royals.


Xander Bogaerts.  This has been a tough year for Bogaerts.  But he is 21.  And there is the whole moving from shortstop to accommodate Stephen Drew. He is 21.  And it is not all that unusual that the “sophomore” season is a struggle.  The league knows him now.  He is 21.  Every scout that looks at him says he is the real deal, and we agree.  Did I mention he is 21?

Felix Dubront.  It is no secret that Dubront is unhappy being moved out of the starting rotation and into the bullpen.  But the Red Sox control him long term, and the move might make him step it up a bit.