Reading to children is a good summer activity

You can spark your child’s imagination with reading, which allows playful creativity to take over and learning to ensue. Whether you, your child or someone else does the reading, there’s sure to be a memory produced, experience gained or knowledge added when there’s a favorite book or story involved. For more information on the importance of youth reading, visit


Looking to learn more about Dominicans? Look at New Priory Press

The Mission of New Priory Press
Exploring the Dominican Vision

New Priory Press was founded in 2013 by the Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Albert the Great in Chicago. Its purpose is to promote the scholarship and publication of works that foster the province’s Dominican intellectual heritage and to provide serious scholarship in accessible form to adult Catholics.

NPP is a successor of the “old” Priory Press, founded in the 1952. During its heyday, the Priory Press published scholarly works by many Dominican authors, including Walter Farrell, (Companion to the Summa,  Benedict Ashley and Kevin O’Rourke.  It produced a series of college and high school textbooks that are in use to this day.

The New Priory Press will continue this tradition by focusing on Dominican theology, spirituality and history. It will publish new works, such as Thomas O’Meara’s collection of translated essays on St. Albert the Great, Benedict Ashley’s autobiography, and reprints or translations of historically important works.   We will also publish resources for use by members of the Dominican Family, including the Liturgical Calendar for the Order of Preachers in English. These will be available as on-demand hard copies or as Kindle e-books.