Today’s Preaching: September 13, 2014

Readings for Today

I’ve never built a house. My mechanical and building abilities are rather small. But I do remember one time being part of a large group of volunteers who worked to build a chapel. All I remember from that day is making many back-and-forth trips for different types of dirt. The dirt was repeatedly carried in a wheelbarrow. Then there was the endless shoveling of dirt to fill a hole, and then the long part of the process which was making sure that the ground was perfectly level for the pouring of concrete.

The foundation was very important to the success of the whole building, and making sure it was done perfectly, was an arduous task. Jesus in today’s Gospel speaks about the importance of a good foundation. In many areas of our lives, we know this to be true. Getting off to a good start for a student in school is critical. Starting a project with care and precision makes it more likely the project will be successfully completed.

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