Share the Journey: Week of Prayer and Action

Caritas’ global 2-year campaign promotes Pope Francis’ ‘culture of encounter’, aiming to build stronger communities. Caritas is mobilising its organisations in over 160 countries to look at the causes of migration, bust myths about migrants and to bring migrants and communities closer together.

“I invite all of you to remember who the migrants are in your families and communities. Who are the people from afar who are often right in front of our eyes, but whom we often do not see? Now is the time to see them and reach out to them. Now is the time to Share the Journey.”

Pope Francis will launch Caritas Internationalis’ global campaign on migration – ‘Share the Journey’ on Wednesday 27th September 2017 – 12.30 PM.

10.00 am – The pope will give his support to the campaign during his General Audience in St. Peter’s Square.

12.30pm – Caritas will host a press meeting point* with interviewees and information. Vatican Press Office, via della Conciliazione 54, Rome.

  • Cardinal Luis Tagle, president of Caritas Internationalis and the descendent of migrants himself.
  • Sister Norma Pimentel, director of Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, USA.
  • Bekele Moges, director of Caritas Ethiopia.
  • Oliviero Forti, head of Caritas Italy’s Migration Office.
  • People who are migrants and refugees.

For more information, go to Share the Journey.

How to help Nepal

From the Catholic News Service Blog:

The death toll from the earthquake in Nepal is rising, and Catholic aid agencies are among those helping its victims. Pope Francis offered prayers and encouraged the rescue workers.

Want to do more? Where do you live? Contact your favorite Catholic aid agency to channel your funds, using the following links: Catholic Relief Services; CAFOD; Troicaire; Development and Peace; Caritas Australia; or the central office for Caritas in Rome.

Prefer to donate to someone smaller? Try religious orders, like the Salesian Missions, who have missionaries in the country.

Homily for Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Readings for Today

The two readings for today seem to being in a completely contradictory way.  The first reading describes the conflict between those who come from Iconium and Antioch, and speak against Paul and Barnabas.  In fact, not only do they speak against them, they convince the people to turn on Paul and Barnabas and stone them, leaving them for dead.  The gospel finds Jesus reminding us about the power of his peace.  How is it that both readings can describe the same thing, even though they appear to be so different?

Saint Thomas Aquinas, the great Dominican saint, had this to say about peace:  “Peace is the work of justice indirectly, in so far as justice removes the obstacles to peace; but it is the work of charity (love) directly, since charity, according to its very notion, causes peace.” (II-II, 29, 3, ad.3)  So contrary to the way we might consider peace, namely as the absence of a conflict, peace as Jesus presents peace exists for an end or a purpose.

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