A Catch? Monday Morning Thoughts

From SI’s Peter King:

DENVER — Stop the madness with what is and isn’t a catch, NFL. Please. Enough is enough.

Different plays in both NFL divisional playoff games on Sunday showed exactly how screwed up the NFL rule book is. Both plays also showed, coincidentally, how simple it would be to fix.

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From USA Today’s Mike Foss:

As an emphasis on player safety increases – as it should – the freedom of referees to interject themselves into every play also increases – as it shouldn’t.

Dez Bryant was penalized for trying to make a play. Had he simply corralled the ball, brought it into his body, and didn’t attempt to extend towards the goal line (you know, making that football play everyone says he didn’t), the call would have stood as a completion.

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ESPN’s Kevin Seifert:

There were surely some groans in the NFL office when Bryant momentarily lost control of the ball near the Packers’ goal line with 4 minutes, 42 seconds remaining. The applicable rule — known either as the “process rule” or the “Calvin Johnson rule,” depending on how your team was affected — almost always generates exasperation from players, coaches and fans. Quite simply, what appears to pass the “eye test” of a catch is superseded by a rule designed to provide officials with clarity in determining possession in such cases.

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