Donate: Help Iraqi Christians

Special Collections in Parishes

The bishops of the United States will express their solidarity with Christians and other minorities in the Middle East in the face of ongoing violence and persecution by taking up a special collection. Proceeds from the collection will support immediate humanitarian and pastoral needs, as well as the cost of long-term church reconstruction.

The collection will be taken in parishes across the United States on either the weekend of September 6-7 or the following weekend of September 13-14.

Archbishop Kurtz wrote to President Obama expressing his concern for the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

Catholic Relief Services

Known as the “cradle of civilization,” Iraq has a rich history of agriculture, writing and recordkeeping, as well as cultural development. For much of its history, however, Iraq has also been embroiled in war. Sectarian violence stemming from the U.S. invasion in 2003 has resulted in widespread destruction, displacement, trauma and poverty. More than 2 million Iraqis have left the country in fear, seeking refuge in surrounding states. Within Iraq, another 2 million people are displaced. Every month, the number rises as an estimated 60,000 Iraqis flee their homes.

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