Can LeBron James go home again?

Thomas Wolfe wrote a famous novel by the title You Can’t Go Home Again.  Supposedly, it comes from a conversation he had with another writer, Ella Winter, who asked Wolfe, “Don’t you know you can’t go home again?”  By now, it is unlikely you have not heard the news that LeBron James, an NBA free agent, is going to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, making the announcement in a letter to Sports Illustrated.

In reading LeBron’s letter, there did appear to be a deep sense of attachment to his home of Akron, and to northeastern Ohio.  It is a letter that spells out his case for leaving Cleveland, and his reasons for coming back.  The letter acknowledges the vitriol and anger present in Cleveland at his leaving.  It references the letter by owner Dan Gilbert, and his appreciation for the Miami Heat.

But can LeBron James go home again?  I must confess at the outset I do not know many Cleveland Cavaliers fans.  Okay, I know two, maybe three.  (I am not sure whether the third person I know from Cleveland is actually a Cavaliers fan.)  After LeBron’s departure four years ago, with a tremendously hyped build up to an hour long ESPN show to announce he was going to South Beach, there was tremendous and understandable anger.

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