Homily for Saturday, December 15, 2012

Today’s Readings

Wouldn’t it be exciting to see Elijah go up to the heavens in fire?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could have the experience similar to Hollywood special effects?  It can be easy to think that if we only had such experiences our faith we be so easy.  But would it?

it simply is not easy to explain our world. We find time and again that people try. In a religious perspective, there are those who are so sure of their faith, there is no room for doubt. In a scientific sense, there are such certainty that religion is simply about a fairytale, but circumstances that do not lend themselves to an answer that can be gained through the senses, are often avoided. And the rest of us find that we are somewhere in the middle, believing some things, and wondering about others.

While it might seem for each one of us, that a dramatic experience the presence of God would make our lives easier, the reality is that we might find ourselves all too much like the brothers of the rich man who denied Lazarus the care he was  due, and asked Jesus to send a personal messenger to save at least his brother. But in the end, Jesus, who knows our hearts so well, says that even one who is risen from the dead would not be enough of an eyewitness to guarantee belief.

The challenging word is guarantee. We are always seeking to guarantee our lives. We do not like to be taken. So whether it is the latest product that’s available in one of the superstores, or whether it is in our faith where we see dramatic miracles to settle all questions, we are reminded that most of the time, we encounter God in the everyday and the ordinary.

Just a couple of days ago, we encountered this truth in remembering Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego. Today we are reminded of the importance of discernment. We seek out to discover the deep meaning and truth is present in our lives. We accept, as God chooses to give, the revelation and presence that is helpful to each one of us. Moreover, we seek humility to realize that doubt is simply the other side of faith. We stopped realize that so many great saints had a period of time where they doubted the presence of God.

As we seek and search for the presence of God in our lives, to be light to one another. While it may be hard to set aside those things which practice from prayer, we do know this tremendous confidence that God cares for us, God loves us, and God constantly pours out before us new opportunities to grow in grace.