Homily for Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Readings for Today

Today we celebrate Saint Thomas Aquinas. And as I think of this gospel today, it strikes me that the parable of the sower is one that describes Saint Thomas Aquinas quite well. He was one who like Jesus sought to sow the seed of the word in a way that led to deep, hundred fold growth. So what do I think Saint Thomas Aquinas has to teach us in our day and age?

We live in a world where the possible reactions to the word are not much different than they were in the parable Jesus tells us, and also not all that different than in the time of Thomas. People’s lives are busy, choking off the Word if we let it. There are still those who work against the Word by attempting to carry it away so that it will not be heard. There are still those who do not seek the depth of hearing the Word so that they do not last in their faith.

And there still remains the need not only to hear the Word but to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus who is the Word. And so before you today is the invitation to hear the Word, to hear the Lord Jesus, and to live the Word in your lives. For the life’s project of Thomas was to help people come to understand better their faith. The lesson was to seek out any means that was helpful to do this. And it was never to be afraid to wrestle with the sometimes difficult questions that appear to challenge the faith.

But most important was the relationship Thomas had with the Word, with God. And in that he could not have provided any better example.