Homily for Friday, September 19, 2014

Readings for Today

What can you do for Jesus? Sometimes I find myself wondering if I could do what the great saints did? Now lest you think this Dominican has become a Jesuit by imitating the life of St. Ignatius when he was in the hospital recovering from his injuries, imagining being like the saints, my thinking is more about what do I need to recognize in order to be holy like the saints.

I wonder what gifts and talents I have that will make for a holy life and the lifegiving witness to others. I wonder if there are talents I need to discover that have to this point gone unnoticed, or whether or not I am running from them because I might be afraid of what God may ask of me. Sometimes I make this all too complicated and think too much.

The women in today’s gospel got it right. They understood that when it came to serving Jesus, it was a simple matter of providing for Jesus out of their resources. In other words, they were generous by giving Jesus what they had, gifts, talents, resources, that had been first given to them.

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