Educational App of the Week: Teacher Kit

If you are a teacher, there are certain routine things that can consume too much time, and keep you from the task of facilitating learning. Taking attendance, tracking participation, being on top of positive and negative behavior. Fortunately, there is a free alternative where these tasks become easier.

Teacher Kit is an app that creates seating charts (including allowing you to add pictures of your students), and by tapping on the picture attendance is easily taken. The same method is used to note positive or negative behavior, and participation by the student. This provides a way to document situations that are not always easy to document.

There is a version of the app for Apple, Android, and Windows 8 and 10. (Unfortunately who are using Windows 7 or earlier versions, the app is not available.) The helpful part of this is that if you are using an iPhone or iPad, or an Android or Windows 8 or 10 tablet, if you are a teacher that moves around the classroom a lot.

There is a paid versions as well, which adds more rich reporting, and better online access. Either way, whether free with in-app purchases, or with a paid subscription, this is an app worth exploring.