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Election 2016: Lesson Plans and Digital Resources for Educators

With the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses right around the corner, this campaign season will start to take shape over the next few months, culminating with the general election in November.

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STEAM + Project-Based Learning: Real Solutions From Driving Questions

At Charles R. Drew Charter School, students are:

  • Interested in what’s happening in the world
  • Engaged in their own learning
  • Taking ownership of their education and how they’ll apply it later in life
  • Collaborating naturally to solve problems — both the problems presented by their teachers and the issues they face every day

Charles R. Drew Charter School is a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) school, and project-based learning is their instructional delivery method. By integrating PBL and STEAM, they empower students to take ownership of their education.

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8 Skills to Look for in a Director of Technology

As education has evolved, we’ve come to depend on so many more stakeholders than simply teachers and parents. I’ve written before about how vital stable administrators are to the running of a school. I’ve written about how much we rely on policy makers as well. But as our reliance on technology continues to grow, we must cultivate and ensure that the position of director of technology is not merely the most advanced IT guy in the district.

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