Homily for Thursday, January 15, 2015

Readings for Today

There seems to be more than a bit of urgency on the part of the Holy Spirit today. “Oh, that today you would hear his voice.” This is the phrase. Today. Now. This minute. There is a pleading in the sentence. Almost as if the Holy Spirit is saying to us, “Please, hear his voice.” How anxious is the God who loves us to have a relationship with us. Not a minute can be lost. The love of God longs to do everything to let us know how powerful is this love, and how much it can completely fulfill us if we except it.

But our hearts need to hear. They cannot be hard. And it is easy for our hearts to become hardened. We are surrounded by so much bad news. Attacks in Paris, in Nigeria, war in Syria, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Ukraine. Violence in our own county that kills far too many. Greed that appears to take over too many lives, too many people who have a lot, but find it is still not enough. There are broken relationships such as divorce, between parents and their children, between co-workers, neighbors and even absolute strangers. We face illness, sickness, even death. There are people that live with far too much chronic pain. It is easy to see how a heart could become hardened.

This decision is made because sometimes we find it easier to harden our hearts than to be vulnerable before a loving God. It certainly can be challenging to trust others in our world of brokenness. Today, yes, right now, this minute, God is inviting us to soften our hearts to hear his voice and become more and more aware of his love. Because as much as we might see violence, brokenness, sickness, and greed, for example, the love of God is far more powerful.

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