The Closing Mass of the Jubilee: Preparations – Part 2

As part of our preparations for the Closing Mass of the Jubilee, let me propose a perspective to our January 21 liturgical celebration. Properly speaking, even though we are incorporating into it some Dominican traditions which have nourished us for centuries, it will still be a Pontifical Mass.

The first element of the Dominican tradition is the prayers and readings of the Mass. We will use the Votive Mass to Saint Dominic, composed around his canonization in 1234. These texts are among the oldest testimonies of the Dominican liturgy, dating even before its unification in 1256 which would shape Dominican way of prayer for centuries.

During the Eucharist we will sing a selection of new compositions in three official languages of the Order. As the entrance chant we will use “Mon Dieu, ma Misericorde”, remembering Saint Dominic’s prayer under the cross: “Lord, what will happen with the sinners?” Compelled by the same zeal we are encouraged to bring our loved ones and the difficulties in our lives, and unite them with the sacrifice of the cross. For offertory we will sing “El Pan de San Sixto” which takes us into the refectory of the first Roman foundation, recalling the miracles of Saint Dominic when he multiplied bread for his hungry brothers. For communion, filled with joy and gratitude, we will sing “Thanks Be to You, O Lord!” At the end of our celebration we will sing two well-known antiphons: “Salve Regina” to Our Lady and “O lumen Ecclesiae” to Saint Dominic, asking for their intercession.

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