Homily for Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Readings for Today

If you are like me, there are times where you put something in a special place so that you will know exactly where it is, and it will not become lost. But, if you are really like me you simply forget just what that special place is. Then the real adventure begins. There is the great search to find that special item that you knew you would need, and so that is why it was placed in that unforgettable location that you forgot. Usually, I do find the item, and when I do, the reason becomes clear why I placed the item in that unforgettable location. And there is the joy of finding it, of the relief that comes from knowing that whatever made keeping the item safe important in the first place has ultimately come true.

As consuming as that experience is, it pales in comparison to the desire of God to find the lost sinner. The love of God means having an unbelievable desire to save everyone, every single person, for God has made each person as an unrepeatable masterpiece made in His image. We cannot imagine the powerful love God has for each one of us. We cannot imagine just how much it is that God seeks us out to save us. We cannot imagine just how far God will seek us out to reestablish the relationship that we broke. Even when we reject God, God continues to want a relationship with us. Even though we move away from God, God does not move away from us.

The desire by God for our salvation, the seeking for us when we are lost, this is the purpose of Advent. This season reminds us just how powerful is the love of God for us. For us, we have only to want to be found. For you and me, it is simply knowing that we must return to the Lord. This season provides the best time, right now, to celebrate the sacrament of confession. It is the season of Advent that invites us to seek the forgiveness that God constantly seeks to give us. God is waiting, every day, every moment, for us to return for the seeking and searching God.

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