Education App of the Week: WordPress

It might seem strange that the education app and the education website are the same, but there is a reason for this. First, we are considering the ability to download and install WordPress on your own server to be different than a website. But by going to, you can do just that. Also, there are apps to update your blog, either on or that are available for various platforms.

There is some advantage to hosting WordPress on your own server, or to pay someone to host it. Primary among them is having a unique domain name, instead of relying on the site to host and name your site. There can also be advantages to customizing your installation of the site as well.

The advantages mentioned in the website of the week feature are all available if you choose to host your own copy of the WordPress codex. There are many free templates and plugins to enhance your site. Whether you host it or not, WordPress is worth the mention twice in our education apps and websites of the week.