Homily for the Easter Vigil, April 4, 2015

Readings for Today

We live in an age where technology has made so many things instant. The news comes to us immediately, we can text one another at the moment, and in many ways the world is just a click or two away. But this immediacy comes with a cost. Maybe it is not true for everyone, but I find in my own life I need to work at a longer attention span, back to a time when I find it (a little) easier to wait. There is the “black hole” that technology and its uses can become in our lives. Perhaps one of the biggest weaknesses is that the immediacy of technology can cause us to forget and become ignorant of our history.

For to understand the Easter Vigil means to understand the long and deep history of God’s relationship with people. In the readings tonight, especially if all are read, we are invited to “soak in” the rich salvation history. History, and the study of history is an interpretative endeavor. As much as we might like to believe there is an objective history, battles over history textbooks in states indicate that we are always seeking to discover not only “what happened”, but more importantly “what does it mean.”

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