Imagine what God could do with our trust: Homily for Friday, December 15, 2017

Imagine what God could do with our trust: Homily for Friday, December 15, 2017
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Readings for Today

There are times when I cannot believe I do not trust in God more.  I cannot point to a single instance where God was not there for me. When I hear today’s readings, it makes me wonder what might happen if I fully trusted God. Think about it.  What would happen if all your trust was placed in God. Imagine how much the world could change if we actually saw Christ fully and totally in every person we met.

This is really the promise of Advent. God promises us happiness and fulfilment if we trust in him.  If we let God show us the way. If we want what God wants. Turn over your life to God today.  Let Jesus into your heart.  Great things await.

Homily for Friday, December 19, 2014

Readings for Today

I am no gardener. Every plant I touch dies. It is largely because I do not remember to water the plants I have had. By the time I realize I should have watered the plants, they  are withered and brown. Dead. Dry. Lifeless.

Today we are reminded that with many things, it all matters how things begin. Our attention is focused to the things that come when we follow the Word and promise of God in our lives. Whether it is in the life of David, or Samson, or John the Baptist, great things come, impossible things occur when people are faithful to living the promise of God.

Yesterday we learned more about the character possessed by Joseph. Today we are reminded of those women who were faithful to the promise. They believed God. They trusted. They followed. Even if they did not live to know what happened to the children they bore. What they did know was the deep inner joy that comes from following God.

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