What does protection mean?: Homily for Monday, October 2, 2017

Readings for Today

I heard about the shootings in Las Vegas before I recorded this homily.  It is really awful. I am shaken, as I am sure others are too. Life is so fragile. In just an instant, life can change. Perhaps what is most difficult about a mass shooting is the ordinariness of the location. We feel safe.  We do not expect it.

So just what does it mean when we ask God to protect us? What does it mean? Does protection by God mean we have guaranteed safety? That cannot be true, as we know there are martyrs who gave their lives for the faith and were not safe, at least in the eyes of this life. Protection by God is protection for eternal evil. Our guardian angels protect us from anything that threatens our salvation. And that is pretty wonderful.

Homily for Thursday, October 2, 2014

Readings for Today

Poor Job. I know that not everyone has experienced the level of his suffering, but to those who have, it is easy to understand the words he speak that come from the deepest part of his being. Throughout this book his words are deep, real, and authentic. Yet in the midst of all of this, Job is able to hang on to his faith, his knowledge that because of his relationship with God he is never alone.

And Job certainly had many reasons to feel as if he were alone. All persons, all things, everything in Job’s life was taken from him. Even his friends, upon whom he counted for their support, ultimately blame Job for the sorry state he is in. His wife tells him to give up. Die. Get it all over with.

But Job never forgets just how much he is loved by God. He never forgets that all human love is a dim reflection of the spectacular divine love. With what very well was great effort, Job kept his eyes “focused on the prize”, so to speak, focused on God.

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