Longing for God or Something Else: Homily for Friday, October 6, 2017

Readings for Today

Have you ever longed to be alive when Jesus was alive in the flesh on earth? I think at one time or another people might have felt that way.  But why is this? What do we hope to gain by longing to see Jesus in the flesh? Do we somehow expect an easier life? Do we think we will be better able to believe? Do we think we are better than those who lived in Jesus’ day?

Truth is we might not have been much different then than now.  We might have found faith as difficult then as we do now? Jesus is still present today. Every time we go to Mass.  Every time we go to confession.  He has not vanished.  He is in our midst just as much as he was when he was hear on this earth.  So believe.  Believe in Jesus today for this is the time God has given you.

Seeing: Homily for the Transfiguration, August 6, 2017

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Readings for Today

There is a need to see the presence of God today.  Even a quick glance shows the face of evil around us.  Life is hard.  It is not only about evil actions of others.  There are illnesses, natural disasters, and other events that often are not connected to others.  Children get terminal illnesses and die.  People we love and care about suffer.  Sometimes we just want to scream, “Where are you God?”

Today we celebrate God’s answer.  I am right here.  My presence is everywhere.  My promise is sure.  Yet how is it we see this presence?  How is it that we know that God is near? Today’s reading tells about one of those experiences that are reserved for Peter, James and John.  Does Jesus call you away for a special experience of his presence? Do you put yourselves in places where the opportunity to see God is near?  Open your heart to God in your life, so you may see his glorious presence.

Awesome: Homily for Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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Readings for Today

Awesome.  Think of Noah for a moment. Can you imagine the excitement of seeing dry land? Being surrounded by water for so long, and finally seeing the familiarity of dryland. Wow! The promise was true. God is faithful. God did not give up on the people who had sinned.

But what is interesting is what Noah does. When he first encounters the dry land he doesn’t run around to get all excited. He doesn’t immediately move onto whatever new life he is now going to be able to experience because there is no more flood.  He does not start to rebuild. No. Noah gives thanks to God. And this is the sign of hope. In spite of all of the wickedness and all of the evil, that has been present on the earth, there’s hope because of Noah’s faith. Noah has seen what God can do, is faithful to the promise, and God does marvelous things.

If Noah gets excited about his ability to see dryland after seeing water for so long, imagine the blind man in today’s gospel. He can see. Not just dry land where he used to see water. No, he can see light where he once saw darkness. This is not a story simply about a man who recovers physical sight. This is a man who recovers the sight of faith. He can see. In both the first reading and in the gospel people are able to see not just physical things but much more importantly there able to see God. Pray that God will open your eyes so that you may see.