The signs on the inside: Homily for Saturday, December 2, 2017

Readings for Today

Reading the signs of the times is not just about looking at what is all around us on the outside.  It is also about paying careful attention to the presence of God on the inside of our lives. In a world with so many distractions, it can become so easy to become lethargic about the presence of God. In a world with so many challenges, we need to be attentive and awake. We need to be ready to see the presence of God within.

What have you done to help be awake spiritually? In what ways have you looked inside yourself to see the presence of God? How do you make yourself available to see and learn from God? As we review our past year, and as we stand on the cusp of a new year, ask God to make you more and more aware of his love for you.

The Signs on the outside: Homily for December 1, 2017

Readings for Today

The Second Vatican Council in the 1960s challenged the Church to be attentive to the “signs of the times.” The idea was that just as colored leaves signaled the change of seasons from fall to winter, so too the events of our lives could signal something to us as well. But this is only true with faith. If we do not see the world through the eyes of faith, then we cannot make sense of where God may be active in the world.

As we approach the end of the Church year, and the beginning of a new year, it is important for us to be attentive to where Jesus is active in our world. What signs of progress should we observe? What areas do we need a push in the right direction to fix? What is our role in recognizing how God is active in the world?