Understand: Homily for Thursday, June 15, 2017

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Readings for Today

When I first started teaching religion, what quickly became clear is that simply memorizing information does not automatically lead to discipleship.  Just because a student knows a bunch of truths of the faith does not mean the same student will make changes to live a life in union with Jesus.  I soon discovered students in the classroom who knew all of the right information but did not believe it to be true. I realized that I need to help foster what to do with the information.  I needed to begin to provide opportunities for prayer, for practice.

The readings today emphasize deep understanding. Too often there can be a temptation to stop at the surface.  I do not kill.  That should be enough.  No, I need to avoid the ways in which anger can kill.  I must not only meet the letter of the law, but must go deeper to meet the spirit of the law.  How do I know I am deeper than the surface of the Word of God? By getting to know the Word of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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